2017 Toyota Mirai Exterior

Toyota Santa Monica

From safety to functionality, the eye catching 2017 Toyota Mirai exterior is the perfect accessory for your Los Angeles area commute. This car’s exterior is just as futuristic as its performance system, so see what’s waiting for you with the new 2017 Mirai.

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Sleek and Functional Design

Razzle dazzle the roadways with the new Toyota Mirai and its refreshed exterior style:

  • Aerodynamic Styling: The exterior design minimizes wind resistance to make the most of your mileage and give you a futuristic design.

  • Wide Angle Fog Lamps: To slice through the morning fog and mist, the Mirai utilizes wide angle fog lamps. You’ll find your fog lamps on either side of the front bumper’s air vents.

  • LED Headlamps: See further with LED bulbs that shine brighter than their competitors. These high efficiency bulbs also last longer so you can avoid frequent light changes.

  • Six Exterior Colors: For your Mirai, you have six eye-catching options for your exterior color. Choose from Salsa Red, Atmospheric Blue Metallic, Nautical Blue Metallic, Crystal White, Elemental Silver and Celestial Black.

  • 17-Inch Alloy Wheels: These wheels add a finishing touch to the exterior look with engraved styling.

Style with an Eye on Safety

Stay safe no matter what the traffic looks like with a myriad of exterior driver protection features:

  • Pre-Collision System: Utilizing a millimeter wave radar system, your PCS detects obstacles and other vehicles on the road ahead. It gives you a notification if a collision is possible and offers assisted brake power. If you don’t react quickly, collision avoidance support engages along with automatic braking.

  • Lane Departure Alert: This system uses a camera to detect the lines of your lane. If you veer from the center of the lane without signaling, the system will sound an alert and display a notification.

  • Blind Spot Monitoring: When you’re driving on the highways and side roads, this system checks your blind spot as you change lanes. If another vehicle is in a dangerous spot, you’ll see a visual cue in the appropriate side mirror, so you can react accordingly.

  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert: Pulling out of driveways and parking spots can be touch when you can’t see the rear cross traffic. That’s why this system uses cameras to check vehicles coming at a perpendicular angle and it lets you know if it’s safe to reverse.

  • Dynamic Radar Cruise Control: Using a radar system, this upgraded cruise control detects when vehicles ahead are too close. It will adjust your cruising speed to avoid traffic incidents and speed up to your original speed when safe to do so.

  • Parking Sonar: Available in the front and rear, this parking sonar detects when objects are too close for comfort. It gives you an audible warning so you can redirect your steering and apply the brakes before you scratch the paint on your bumper.

  • Body Structure and Design: In the event of a crash, your Mirai’s body structure is designed to distribute and absorb the forces of impact while maintaining your cabin structural integrity. Additionally, the collapsible steering column absorbs impact to protect the driver from impact forces.

Exterior Luxuries

These extras are always nice to have, especially if you like to get off and on the Los Angeles highways quickly:

  • Auto High Beam: This system senses oncoming traffic and will automatically engage your low beams to avoid blinding other drivers. When the coast is clear, you’re high beams will automatically turn back on so you get a clear view of the road ahead.

  • Power Folding Mirrors: When you’re finally home for the night or if you’re in a tight parking space, you can fold your mirrors with the touch of a button.

  • Heated Mirrors: If the morning frost threatens to impact your view, just turn on the heating to melt it away.

  • Touch Sensor Handles: Keep your keys in your pocket or your bag and you can touch the sensor handles to get in.

  • Rain Sensing Windshield Wipers: Don’t worry about fiddling with your controls when the weather gets rough. Your rain sensing wipers will detect how hard the rain is falling and adjust their speed automatically.

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