Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles — The Future of Renewable Automotive Energy

July 8th, 2016 by

Toyota Santa MonicaWitness the start of the energy revolution; be among the first to try a 2016 Toyota Mirai. The new Mirai represents the future of renewable fuel. Sporting a hydrogen fuel cell, the Mirai offers a refueling option that produces zero emissions or harmful by-products.

Those new to the technology might confuse it with hybrid or electric vehicles — but, you may be surprised to hear that hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are even more efficient than those technologies. Learn more about hydrogen fuel cell vehicles here, and then visit Toyota Santa Monica to learn how you can interview for a 2016 Toyota Mirai.

Defining Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles run through the production of electricity, meaning they are technically electric vehicles. However, unlike most electric vehicles, which are charged by electric outlets and store electricity in their batteries, a hydrogen fuel cell engine takes reserves of hydrogen and converts them into electricity.

This makes hydrogen fuel cell vehicles as clean as other electric vehicles, but with the range of more conventional engines. For example, each tank of the Toyota Mirai achieves a range of 312 miles.

How Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles Work

A hydrogen fuel cell powers a car like the Mirai by converting hydrogen from its tanks into electricity — a process that includes combining hydrogen with oxygen, leaving water as a by-product. The heat generated in the reaction powers the electric vehicle.

Needless to say, hydrogen fuel cells generate zero greenhouse gases. The process sounds like science fiction, but it’s completely safe, and it has actually been around for longer than cars have been.

Learn More at Toyota Santa Monica

If you’re a driver in the Marina Del Rey, Culver City, or Beverly Hills area, the 2016 Toyota Mirai could be right for you. To find out if it is, or to learn more about how hydrogen fuel cell vehicles work, call us at 424-645-1268 or fill out our online contact form. When you’re ready to experience the future of renewable fuels, stop in and see us at 801 Santa Monica Boulevard in Santa Monica, CA today.

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