How to Drive Fuel Cell Vehicles Like the 2017 Toyota Mirai

Toyota Santa Monica

There are many advantages to living in California — and we don’t need to list them here. One of the newest advantages you may not be aware of, though, is the opportunity to test drive, interview for, and order your own 2017 Toyota Mirai, Toyota’s pioneer fuel cell vehicle. Apply today, and be among the first drivers of Toyota’s revolutionary new car — available to Southern California drivers only at Toyota Santa Monica. Read on to learn more about the innovative new Toyota Mirai and how you can get your hands on it today.

What is the 2017 Toyota Mirai?

We’re leaving behind the days of the gasoline-fueled vehicle as we realize the environmental impact of heavy gasoline use – and Toyota has been working to find an alternative solution. First there was the development of the hybrid, and now we bring you the Mirai.

The new Toyota Mirai is a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, and for the first time, you can take a test drive with our fuel cell specialist today. Toyota Santa Monica has been selected as one of the first and only dealerships to debut this innovative vehicle, which is set to change how we power our lives.

Toyota Santa Monica

What is a Fuel Cell Vehicle?

The Mirai combines carbon-fiber fuel tanks to contain the hydrogen and a fuel cell stack that creates electricity. Instead of toxic emissions, the only by-product of the Mirai is water. This means you can feel great about your eco-impact, no matter how far you’re driving up the coast or how long your commute is every day. This poses the possibility for a drastic change in car use all over the world, and we’re excited to be among the first to provide this opportunity.

While the hydrogen gas is stored in carbon-fiber tanks, rest assured that there won’t be any leaks. In the event of a collision, the Mirai is equipped with sensors to stop the flow of hydrogen.

The power control unit monitors and decides when to use power from the car’s battery or from the fuel reserve, borrowing part of its technology from the Prius. When the car uses the hydrogen fuel, it combines the hydrogen with oxygen from outside to generate power, which is why the only by-product the Mirai creates is water. There is no standard gasoline used in this vehicle at all, which is its first major point of diversion from the Prius and other hybrids on the market today.

Toyota Santa Monica

So Where Do You Fill Up?

A common hesitation surrounding new eco-friendly vehicles is having to make a big compromise with power or convenience. But that’s not the case with the Mirai. There are many hydrogen fueling stations conveniently located in Santa Monica, West LA, and Beverly Hills – with more to come to the region in the near future.

This technology is being debuted in California first as the availability of hydrogen fueling stations is already accessible. And the cost? Well we’ve got you covered. For the first three years that you drive the Mirai, the hydrogen fuel is on us.

How Often Do You Have to Fill Up?

Well it shouldn’t be too much different than any other car you’ve ever driven. You’ll be receiving up to 312 miles per tank and an equivalent of 67 mpg*, according to EPA estimates. This means you will likely take the same amount of stops as usual to fill up, or less, but without the constant bill since we have you covered.

Toyota Santa Monica

Other 2017 Toyota Mirai Specs

The Mirai has a bold design, an aerodynamic style with angles and height that make a bigger statement than other sedans. A large grille and heated power mirrors are among some of the exterior features. Inside, the Mirai is stacked with the newest technology, including a touchscreen Entune audio system and noise-reducing glass for a quiet ride.

Toyota Santa Monica

Apply Today for the Revolutionary 2017 Toyota Mirai

Toyota is taking a new approach to not only its engineering, but its customer satisfaction. That’s why you can schedule a test drive with our Mirai specialist today. You’ll be interviewed and informed to make sure that you and the Mirai are the right match. After that, you’ll be a part of the most progressive innovation in car technology today.

Give us a call for more information at (424) 238-1869, or come by the dealership today. We’re located at 801 Santa Monica Blvd in Santa Monica, CA. See why we’re so excited to share this new vehicle with our Marina Del Rey, Culver City, and Beverly Hills area drivers.