How Does the Toyota Mirai Work?

June 27th, 2017 by

Toyota Santa Monica

Learn More About the Toyota Mirai

Eco-conscious drivers in the Los Angeles area have likely already been made aware of the new Toyota Mirai, which promises breath-taking efficiency and a remarkably clean drive with no emissions. You might also know that the Mirai accomplishes this using hydrogen-fuel cell technology rather than running on gas or even a hybrid system. But what you probably don’t know is how all this works. Being the only dealership in the Los Angeles area that sells the Toyota Mirai, Toyota Santa Monica is in a unique place to answer all these questions—simply read on!

How The Mirai Functions

Here’s a breakdown of the revolutionary technology inside of the Toyota Mirai:

  • Once you pump hydrogen into the car at one of the local re-fueling stations, it heads to carbon-fiber reinforced fuel tanks, while air from outside travels through the grille to enter the fuel stack.
  • Hydrogen from the fuel tanks travels to the stacks, where in combination with the air it undergoes a reaction that produces electricity.
  • At this point, things are not so different form any electric car: once you put your foot on the pedal, electricity is sent to the motor and the car is powered.
  • Note that the only by-product of this process is water, which is imply released through a drain pipe.
  • Some drivers are nervous about the safety hazards of driving down the L.A. freeway with a couple of canisters of hydrogen strapped to the car—it seems like it could be dangerous, right? Well, the Mirai minimizes the danger by including a few unique systems that (1) make sure that leaked hydrogen is released outside the cabin; (2) ensure that hydrogen is help in multi-patented carbon-fiber wrapped polymer-lined tanks that feature a three layer structure; and (3) utilizing sensors which in the case of an accident shut down the hydrogen valves.

Test Drive the Toyota Mirai Today

Even so, if you still have unanswered questions, the best way to get them sorted out is simply to pay our dealership a visit, where you’ll also be able to take the Mirai out for a drive on your own. Contact us online if you have any questions, and also take this opportunity to explore the financing options we offer. You can also go ahead start ordering your Toyota Mirai today. When you’re ready, come on down to Toyota Santa Monica to experience the best in efficiency and green driving with the new Toyota Mirai!

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