Why Toyota Santa Monica Works with Heal the Bay

May 24th, 2018 by

Toyota Santa Monica

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The environmental nonprofit organization Heal the Bay focuses on protecting the most valuable assets that humanity and the world collectively own: water. The organization has charged itself with protecting the coastal waters and watersheds in the Greater Los Angeles area by ensuring that they are clean, healthy, and safe for all. To accomplish this mission, the organization makes use of scientific analysis, education, advocacy, and direct community action.

Heal the Bay’s Mission

The primary mission of Heal the Bay is to protect the Los Angeles region’s water assets by ensuring that they are healthy and clean. Heal the Bay campaigns for legislation that prevents plastic materials from reaching the Pacific, advocates for restoration of threatened wetlands, monitors water quality at significant areas such as beaches, and educates the public about ways to better protect California’s water assets through their Beach Report Card. Here are a few of the most significant ways that the organization helps to promote these goals:

  • Ballona Wetlands: Heal the Bay continues to advocate for the restoration of these important wetlands. Wetlands play a key role in the functioning of the ecosystem and must be protected.
  • Stormwater Capture: This project helps to reduce pollution and increase local water resilience – a win-win situation for sure!
  • Water Recycling: By recycling water and reusing this limited resource, we can better protect Los Angeles from future water threats.

Help Heal the Bay

Want to help Heal the Bay? There are a variety of ways to get involved. Individuals, schools, organizations, and companies can all help take part by donating time and money to the cause. Heal the Bay and Santa Monica Pier Aquarium also offer jobs and volunteer opportunities for interested individuals who want to go the extra mile to help protect our waters.

Our Work with Nonprofits in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is home to many nonprofits like Heal the Bay. As a citizen in this beautiful city, it’s up to you to help keep the city in good shape for future generations through helping organizations that advocate for clean water and air. We hope you take it upon yourself to donate time or money to the causes that you care about!

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