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Four moms created the Grades of Green organization in 2008 to help the public educational system better teach children about the importance of environmental sustainability. By developing activities that students can complete, the organization helps young people understand the value of the environment and learn how to conserve power, water, and resources for future generations.

Grades of Green Mission Statement

The mission statement of Grades of Green is simple: “To inspire and empower kids and the broader school community to care for the environment.” By educating children on the impact of the environment on their daily lives, the organization has been able to effectively educate many people without the pitfalls associated with traditional environmental education.

Global Water Challenge

The Global Water Challenge by Grades of Green is a virtual program designed to help children across the globe understand the necessity of water conservation in their own communities. Throughout the Water Challenge, Grades of Green student teams discover the value of water resources in their local communities and begin to understand the power of water conservation. The school that wins the Water Challenge will receive a $1,000 grant to implement their own water conservation initiative.

Trash Free Lunch Challenge

The Trash Free Lunch Challenge helps students and schools to learn the value of waste minimization through a year-long competition that measures how much waste is thrown out in the trash. Students are also taught how to separate their garbage, including recyclables, as well as how to use things like reusable lunch containers to reduce waste. Other outcomes of the Trash Free Lunch Challenge include making waste reduction a permanent part of the campus culture.

Grades of Green Partners

Grades of Green works with a variety of partners, including LAcarGUY, a local family-owned business. At LAcarGUY, we’ve proudly supported Grades of Green and we are dedicated to the cause of environmental sustainability. Click here to read our 5 tips for becoming more fuel efficient, the latest developments on hydrogen fuel costs, and how you can get started today by taking your preferred fuel-efficient vehicle for a test drive at Toyota of Santa Monica, a trusted dealer in greater Los Angeles and Playa Vista.

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