Fuel Cell Vehicle History and Developments

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The 2017 Toyota Mirai is the first car to run on revolutionary fuel cell power, but there were many steps that took us to this point. As gasoline-alternatives become more important than ever, this revolutionary automotive technology is like no other.

Learn all about the development of the fuel cell vehicle and the new Toyota Mirai below. If you think it’s a great match, schedule an appointment to become one of the first drivers of this limited car, which is exclusive to the California area and now available to Marina Del Rey, Culver City, and Beverly Hills drivers across Los Angeles.

The Genesis of the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle

Hydrogen is the most frequent element in the universe. That’s why scientists are looking for ways to make use of it. What’s more, one of the most urgent needs we have as a society — for security, economical, and environmental reasons — is to look for ways to break oil and gasoline dependency.

In 1992, Toyota began its pursuit to make use of hydrogen as a viable fuel source, which predates the Prius. By 2002, Toyota released its first experimental fuel cell vehicle, the Toyota FCHV. Since then, Toyota has been working up to designing the efficient and highly advanced 2016 Toyota Mirai, a car filled with safety and performance features that competes with most any fuel-powered car. Now, Toyota of Santa Monica is your source in the LA region to drive the new Mirai.

Toyota Santa Monica

What Makes the Fuel Cell Vehicle So Revolutionary?

Because the process of creating energy for the Mirai involves the combustion of hydrogen from inside the tank and oxygen from outside, the only by-product is water — arguably the safest by-product an engine could create. There’s no need to plug the vehicle in like electric vehicles, as the electricity is created from the combustion process that takes place in the fuel cell stack, and there’s no need to visit the gas station anymore like with hybrid vehicles that minimize but still rely on gasoline. The impact on the environment and your pocket is minimal. And despite never returning to a gas station, you still get up to 312 miles between fill-ups, making this vehicle much more convenient than electric cars with shorter ranges.

This revolutionary vehicle is only available in California as of right now, and it has been produced in limited numbers as it’s being integrated into the market. That’s why Toyota is offering an interview process for the first time — to make sure that the available vehicles are matched with customers who feel as passionately about these eco-friendly innovations as they do.

Toyota Santa Monica

Features of the 2017 Toyota Mirai

Aside from its innovative hydrogen-fueled powertrain, the Mirai still stands out as a car on the market that’s well-equipped and with great performance, so there’s no downside to doing away with gasoline. Relax in the heated front bucket seats on chilly days, and enjoy the entertainment and safety features that make every ride more fun and safe:

  • Entune Infotainment System: Enjoy audio streaming, smartphone syncing, and navigation that includes a hydrogen fuel-station finder on a touchscreen display mounted on the dash.
  • Backup Camera: Leaving the driveway and a packed parking lot will be much easier with this handy safety feature that gives you additional rear visibility.
  • Blind Spot Sensor: You’ll be alerted when a vehicle approaches a blind spot to help avoid side-collisions in the event of an oversight.
  • Front Collision Warning: Should you approach another vehicle too closely, the Mirai will intervene with an alert and then apply automatic braking if a collision is determined to be imminent.
  • Parking Sensors: Sensors in the front and rear of the car will alert you when trying to squeeze into a tight spot if you’re getting a little too close to the bumper of another.
Toyota Santa Monica

Meet the 2017 Toyota Mirai at Toyota of Santa Monica

If the 2017 Toyota Mirai sounds like the car that fits in with your lifestyle, act now to make an appointment with our Mirai specialist who will offer you a test drive and interview to make sure  this vehicle with limited availability is right for you. Start by giving us a call at (424) 238-1869 to make an appointment or with any questions about the process, or fill out our form and  contact us online. Our dealership is located at 801 Santa Monica Blvd in Santa Monica, CA, where we serve our Marina Del Rey, Culver City, and Beverly Hills area customers.