If you live near the Los Angeles area, you can find the 2021 Toyota Mirai fuel-cell car here at Toyota Santa Monica. The Mirai is one of the first hydrogen fuel cell cars on the market and has exclusive availability in only a few areas, including California. However, since hydrogen fuel cell technology is not as prevalent as hybrids or electric cars yet, some might not know where and how to refuel a new Toyota Mirai. Some might still be on the fence about hydrogen fuel cell cars. Let us tell you about where you can fill up in the state of California and what the 2021 Toyota Mirai can do for you! Toyota Santa Monica proudly serves the greater Los Angeles area.

Fill up All Throughout Los Angeles

There are about 13 hydrogen filling stations within the greater Los Angeles area itself, making this area a great place to own a new Toyota Mirai. You can go to one of many big-name gas stations within LA to take advantage of hydrogen options, including Shell, Chevron, and Conserv Fuel Gas Station. Several TrueZero hydrogen and electric stations near Little Armenia, Playa Del Ray, and out near LAX. If you are a student at Cal State LA, there is a hydrogen station right on campus on Circle Drive. If you are near our own backyard in Santa Monica, you will find a station through Air Products over off or Cloverfield Blvd, which is just a six-minute drive around the corner from our dealership.

How to Fill up at a Hydrogen Station

In many ways, filling up a Toyota Mira works the same as filling up normal gas cars:

  • Open hydrogen fuel port just as you would a gasoline fuel port
  • Remove hose from fueling station and insert it into fuel port
  • Squeeze hose only once to "lock on" to the fuel port
  • Process payment at fuel station, then press "start" to commence fueling
  • Hose will make loud "clicking" sound as it connects as hydrogen fuel cell pumps are very high-pressure
  • Hydrogen fuel is measured in kilograms, confusing some unfamiliar with metric. However, the fuel station will alert you when the tank is full
  • Push the lever on the hose to "release" it from the tank and give it a strong pull afterward as hydrogen fuel causes the host to "freeze" around the nozzle. Make sure to disconnect hose before pulling

What the Toyota Mirai can do for Los Angeles Drivers

The Toyota Mirai is a great choice for LA commuters to travel and save, thanks to its clean fuel cell electric energy and the high availability of refueling stations. This sedan runs on a Polymer Electrolyte fuel cell system which generates up to 128 kilowatts, provided by 330 hydrogen fuel cells. The hydrogen tank holds about 5.6 kilograms of fuel, and it only takes approximately five minutes to refuel, making trips to the pump quick and efficient. The Mirai can also travel a whopping 402 miles before requiring refueling, ensuring that you will be able to go for weeks before visiting a fuel station, depending on your commute.

The hydrogen fuel cells are connected to a Permanent Magnet AC synchronous electric motor, which provides the power and torque to keep the wheels spinning. Overall, the Mirai generates 182-horsepower and 221 pound-feet of torque. This car is also classified as a Zero Emission Vehicle by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and only emits water vapor and warm air as you drive. Thus, the Toyota Mirai is exempt from routine emissions testing and has little environmental impact than gas-powered vehicles.

Test Drive the Toyota Mirai Today

If you live in the greater Los Angeles area, the 2021 Toyota Mirai is one of the best cars you can find for your daily commuting needs. You will not find this vehicle at many other dealerships across the US, but you can find it just a short drive away here at Toyota Santa Monica. Visit us here at 801 Santa Monica Blvd to learn more and test drive the new Mirai today. We are less than a 25-minute drive outside of LA, using I-10 E as the fastest route. We hope to see you soon!

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