If you're in the market for a sleek and innovative model, and you want one that strikes an ideal balance between sports car styling and electric vehicle efficiency, it's time to get to know the Toyota Mirai. We here at Toyota Santa Monica are excited to have a lineup of new Mirai models in our showroom right now, and we can't wait to tell you all about its many features as well as its fuel-saving technology when you stop in for a test drive.

Innovative Fueling, Amazing Performance

The Mirai's onboard fuel cell is capable of breaking down hydrogen to create electricity that is then used to power the vehicle. The result is more than 180 horsepower and an estimated range of around 400 miles. Although the Mirai must be fueled up at a hydrogen station instead of at a standard gas pump, each new Mirai comes with up to $15,000 in free fuel credits that can be used for tackling the daily commute, running errands in and around town, and other travel.

Exterior Style for Miles

The Mirai displays a smooth, chiseled profile that leaves little to be desired. The boldly designed black grille makes a great first impression, while the wide, uniquely patterned 19-inch diameter wheels serve to elevate the Mirai's appearance above the competition. Available exterior paint color choices include red, steel gray, white, blue, and black.

Interior Comfort and Convenience

The cabin offers seating for up to five and is equipped with an array of tech amenities that make traveling safe and hassle-free. Sumptuous upholstery and uniquely placed trim elements also create a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere that greets you the moment that you climb inside. A large touchscreen and easy-to-use digital controls put music, news, and navigation at your fingertips and provide for simple, straightforward operation of the climate control system.

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